Why Does Carson Palmer Get A Free Pass

The new Raiders QB ditches old team and comes up smelling like roses.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The one thing that coaches preach to their players, perhaps the golden rule to them, on all levels, is that as long as you give it your all on the field and don't quit on your teammates, then you are a success no matter the outcome. The higher the level that a person plays, the more and more relevant that becomes and when you get to the NFL, if you are not giving it your all, then you will be called out on it.

Unless, apparently, your name is Carson Palmer.

Palmer literally walks away from his teammates, his coaches, his contractual obligations just because he is tired of playing for the Cincinnati Bengals and then ends up, after sitting out a third of the season, getting traded to a playoff contender on the West coast, his preferred destination. And the media just pats him on the back and says well done!

How is that possible?

What hold does Palmer have on the overly critical masses who long to jump on any athlete who so much as glares at a person? This guy literally quits on his team because he doesn't have the leadership or ability to make a winner out of a bad situation and he gets rewarded for it!

Sure, Cincinnati isn't the greatest of franchises in the league. They have outdated facilities, a cheap owner, and doesn't tend to draft well but come one, man, you liked them enough to eagerly scrape across every cent thrown your way with a smile on your face.

This whole Palmer fiasco should have made him enemy number 1 among all the major sports outlets but somehow, all the talk is about how the QB has fallen in a good situation and how it's a good second chance for the talented QB. Seriously, if I was an athlete with a rough public opinion, I would call up Palmer and beg him for tips on how to dodge scrutiny because frankly, the dude seems to be the king of it.

Look, I'm not saying that Palmer didn't deserve out of Cincy, he gave them seven seasons and two playoff runs, and in Bengal terms, that's a lot, but there is a right way and a wrong way to get what you want and Palmer definitely went the wrong way about it.

That both he and the Bengals made out on the deal is irrelevant, the guy deserves a little heat in the media for how this went down. My only real question, at this point, is how the hell has he avoided it?

I guess that will go down as one of life's little mysteries but I do wish him the best in his new role because if any team is next up in line to get back to the playoffs, it's the Raiders.