Amazon Pulls PSN Content

Without explanation, Amazon removes all PlayStation Network content from their store.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


A mystery is afoot! In an odd, unexplainable turn of events, Amazon has pulled all their PlayStation Network content from their marketplace. This includes prepaid cards, downloadable content, the whole nine yards.

When reached for comment by PSN Stores, Amazon responded, “We have no announcements regarding this change in selection, however we can confirm that Amazon Digital Video Game Downloads is not currently offering Playstation Network Online Game Codes and Points Cards.”

Hm, very interesting…

As PSN Stores points out, this is not the first time video game content has been pulled from Amazon without explanation. Back in July, Amazon yanked the black version of the 3DS, only to put it back up for sale a whole three minutes later. If you’re expecting the same fate for PSN content, you might want to check those expectations. The PlayStation Network content was removed yesterday and is still MIA. Would-be purchasers are treated to a lovely blank Amazon page if they follow the rabbit hole to PSN content through the site’s gaming store.

Is there something going on behind the scenes between Amazon and Sony? Maybe. Are we making entirely too much out of this? Probably. But if any news comes of this, we’ll be back to report it. Until then, you’re going to have to shop for your PSN content through other outlets outside Amazon. May we suggest the PlayStation Store?