Mark Romanek to Replace Ron Howard on ‘The Lost Symbol?’

The acclaimed director of Never Let Me Go could pretty much be given a license to print money.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

You may remember that back in July, Ron Howard departed the third film in the Da Vinci Code franchise, based on Dan Brown's 2009 novel The Lost Symbol. The project was destined to find a director sooner than later, what with people liking to make money and all. Well, the time has come: Sony reportedly wants Mark Romanek to take over the series in Howard's stead.

Deadline reports that Romanek, a music video director with two features under his belt – 2002's One Hour Photo and 2010's Never Let Me Go – is the frontrunner to replace Howard as the director of the hit franchise. Romanek has heretofore made a name for himself as the director of intelligent high-concept dramas, which makes him a little overqualified to direct a Dan Brown movie, but it could be just the career boost he needs to be eligible for larger films in the future.

The Lost Symbol continues to the story of Robert Langdon, as he travels to Washington D.C. and investigates the kidnapping of his mentor, a 33rd Degree Mason, and searches for a secret, buried pyramid beneath the nation's capital. Just a typical Tuesday for this guy. Do all symbologists lead lives as eventful as Langdon? If we'd known we'd have majored in something other than screenwriting.

Tom Hanks is expected to return for the third installment, but has yet to officially accept the role. Oh dear…

CraveOnline will return with more Lost Symbol news if we can ever find the stupid thing…