Top Luxury Hybrids

Save the planet and look good doing it.

Eli Blueby Eli Blue

Hybrids have established a workman horse quality to them with its injection of innovation delivering better fuel economy. If you want an upgrade over the Camry Hybrids of the world, here are 3 models to consider.


2011 Lexus GS Hybrid – This $58,000 machine delivers 22/25 mpg with exceptional power (340HP) coming from its 3.5-liter V6 and two variable transmission motors. Regenerative braking provides an extra oomph. Its interior provides the typical Lexus staple wood grain, Mark Levinson speakers on upgraded models. Other optional features include the $1500 dynamic radar cruise control to keep a safe distance behind other cars and a pre-collision system that adjusts seat belts, brake assist, and the suspension based on its proximity to the back of another vehicle.


2012 Infiniti M Hybrid – The $51,000 "M" is nasty, with the best mpg numbers for a luxury hybrid (27/32) powered by a 3.5 liter V6 and 50kW electric motor for 360HP. Its interior shares a Japanese wood theme and its tech cache includes Bluetooth, dual climate control, XM connectivity, and a six speaker sound system. Its knocks are its cargo space (11.3 cubic feet) and limited rear headroom.


2011 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid – This super sound insulated and smooth riding large car guns for 41/36 mpg (700 miles on full tank!) at a much more attractive price ($34,000) Its 2.5 liter four cylinder engine provides 191HP, producing a top speed of 47 mpg on its battery alone. It comes with an 8-inch LCD screen, organic leather, and classy harvested wood. Heated front seats, voice control commands, a blind spot information system – check.