8 Very Elaborate Pixar Halloween Costumes

I’d be scared this Halloween if people didn’t spend hours and hours on Pixar costumes!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Disney’s Pixar has given us fantastic movie after fantastic movie, and yes, I choose to conveniently “drive past” the Cars series in my mind. So I’m glad many super-fans decide to pay tribute to John Lassetter-land every Halloween. Here’s a gallery of highly sophisticated Pixar costumes: 


Luxo Jr.

The absolute perfect way to start this list.


Toy Story

You’ve got a friend in homemade costumes. And that friend is me! [via]


A Bug’s Life

Try as he might, Hopper will never get those costumes. [via]


Monsters Inc.

Mike’s in there. He’s just being blocked by Sulley’s paw. [via]


Finding Nemo

I found Nemo’s gigantic balls. [via]


The Incredibles

Violet will be highly visible at any comic book convention. [via]



If you knew how many hours it took to put this together, you’d start crying. [via]



I hope they talked in sound effects the entire night. Commitment is key. [via]


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