XIII Returns Next Month

The cult-hit first-person shooter is making a comeback.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris

Do you remember the cel-shaded first-person shooter XIII for Xbox, Gamecube, PC and PlayStation 2 from 2003? If not, this news might not mean much to you., so you're welcome to leave now. But if you do remember that title, then you’ll probably be happy to hear French publisher Anuman Interactive is bringing the series back to gaming next month on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

The official title for the game is XIII: Lost Identity. We unfortunately don’t have any information on the game’s plot, nor any screenshots to show off how good the game looks on the platforms it’s launching for. We don’t even know if this new title is a continuation of the original XIII. Basically, we don't know shit.

So, we'll leave it there. Keep an eye out for XIII: Lost Identity next month on iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC.

[Source: Anuman's Facebook page]