NYCC ’11 – Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets New Global Release Date

BioWare feels pity for the fine folks across the pond.

Mike Whiteby Mike White

star_wars_global _release_date

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s official release date was announced at Eurogamer just three short weeks ago. During the SW:TOR main panel at New York Comic Con on Friday, BioWare’s community manager let us all know that the release date announcement was originally scheduled for Comic Con, not Eurogamer.

BioWare, being the benevolent company they are, wanted to give their American fans some sort of consolation, so they decided to make a new trailer for the game, exclusively for NYCC. The video shows off more combat and scenes from an open-world PvP zone that they’ve just announced, but cannot give us any details on yet.

The new trailer is called “Signs of War.” Check it out for yourself.

Not wanting to play favorites, or make European gamers wait two days longer to get into the game, the developers decided to release the game worldwide on the same day as North America (December 20, 2011). Just to make that clear, Eurogamer fans got the release date announcement, BioWare felt bad and gave a new trailer to NYCC, then they felt bad again and bumped up the release date for Europe. Does that mean it's our turn again? If so, I'll take my free speeder bike in green. Thanks, BioWare!