NYCC ‘11 – Surprise! Activision is Making an Amazing Spider-Man Game

We know this will come as a shock, but Activision is preparing a tie-in game to the upcoming film.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Before you read this news, you better take a seat. This is going to rock your socks right the hell off. Ready? OK….

Activision is planning to make a new Spider-Man game based off the upcoming Amazing Spider-Man film starring Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker/Spidey. While we haven’t yet received a press release confirming the game’s existence, Activision did have a massive banner for the title at their New York Comic Con booth. Very sneaky, guys.


After careful inspection of the banner (we’re nerds, it’s our job to overanalyze stuff like this), we noticed that it sports the logo for developer Beenox, the studio that created the last two Spider-Man gaming offerings — Shattered Heroes and Edge of Time. Unless it’s a printing error (unlikely), it looks as though Beenox is moving over to a tie-in project instead of another original Spidey title for their next outing. Form your own opinions about why that is.


Activision might be planning a formal announcement of a video game tie-in to Amazing Spider-Man this weekend at New York Comic Con. It wouldn’t surprise us at all. But until that happens, we’ll keep our ears to the ground.