Food Fun on the Silver Screen

Food gets treated like another character in these flicks. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

We’ve all had those moments watching a movie where the food the actors are eating looks so damn good—you have to run out and get whatever they’re eating—be it scrambled eggs, rice, chocolate cake or what-have-you. Heck, as a smoker, if I see two characters smoke, I HAVE to stop everything and have a cigarette. Call me weak or call me honest, but that’s how it is.

But then there are the movies that use food in a wild and wacky way that makes you think, why can’t I do that with my mouth? Or why can’t I do that with a shovel and a lot of flour? Or maybe pouring my problems into a pizza would make me feel better. No American Pie references, I promise.

I salute you—writers and actors—for the fun you’ve had with this food.

Uncle Buck

No one has ever made me a pancake so big I could wrap it around my hips and wear it as a skirt. And a part of me has suffered from that lack. Nothing says “Happy Birthday” like a pancake the size of Rhode Island.



The Great Outdoors

What is it about John Candy films that have memorable scenes with food in them? I hope it’s not just because Candy was a sizable fella and his last name was a type of sweet treat. Anyway, I always watch Candy diving into the old 96-er with pain and awe. If you can’t appreciate a man eating an entire cow for dinner, you’re useless.



City of Angels

Okay, perhaps this wasn’t so fun, but it was damn creative. Aside from the over-dramatic, I-want-to know-what-a-pear-tastes-like-to-you bit, there was the last scene where meg ryan cooks all this food for Nicolas Cage and it looks like this amazing, delicious feast of fresh fruit, bread and other treats, and you just KNOW something very bad is going to happen, and you’re right? Please tell me I’m not the only member of this readership who has seen this movie. Here's Meg, about to die on her bike, post-cooking. 



Groundhog Day

Without a doubt my favorite moment in the film. I love watching Bill Murray push the entire pastry into his mouth. Brilliant. I’ve tried it and gagged, which tells you volumes about my personal life. He follows it by chugging from the carafe of coffee. Good show!