Do The Robot: 7 Dancing Androids

We are programmed to dance the night away.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

It’s inevitable. Robots are going to take over the world, because they will deem us “inefficient,” and therefore, we will all be “deleted.” They’re starting to be able to do everything we can do, including dance, dance, dance. Many dudes don’t dance very well, so if these mechanical Moonwalkers hit the club, they’re gonna be going home with all our ladies. Behold the goddamn future:


WALL-E Meets Michael Jackson

WALL-E knows way more than just the “box step” – wacka wacka wacka.


Street Dancin’ Robot

Domo! (Domo…) Domo! (Domo….)


Bumblebee Breaks It Down

Autobot’s got the groove.


Pole Dancing Robots

If this is what sexbots are like, I’m good. Thanks anyway.


You Got Synched

I think I’ve just found Bumblebee’s backup dancers.


Suspicious Dancing Robot

There’s something fishy/fleshy about that robot.


Michael Jackson’s Dancin’ Automobile

You’ve heard of “My Mother The Car?” This is that, but with Michael Jackson.


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