Rooney Faces Three-Match Ban

His ban is increased following the big penalty he committed against Montenegro.

Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

Following his controversial sending off in England’s Euro 2012 qualifier against Montenegro, it was said by many (including boss Fabio Capello) that Wayne Rooney was likely to receive just a one-match ban for the summer tournament. However, further probing has revealed that if UEFA’s control and disciplinary body were to follow their procedures accurately, the Manchester United striker will instead be looking at a three-match ban.

Section 10e of the European body’s disciplinary regulations states "suspension for three competition matches or for a specified period for assaulting another player or other person present at the match", which would mean that Rooney would miss all three of England’s group matches.

Former England Captain Terry Butcher has spoken out about Rooney’s suspension, saying that he would be “the luckiest man in the world” if he got away with just a one-match ban.

"He's got no defence and he just has to hope UEFA are lenient. He has had red cards before and Uefa may see it as a chance to make their mark.

"I would expect at least a two-game ban. He's got previous form and UEFA will look at this and I think they will say you just can't do it."

When making their decision concerning suspensions, UEFA officials take into account whether or not the incident was intentional and also the offending players’ history. The fact that Rooney is now only the second ever player to receive a straight red card for the England national squad on two separate occasions (the other being Beckham) will not help towards his case.

Rooney and Capello have bother written to UEFA in the hopes of lessening the strikers’ punishment, and it is likely that the FA will get involved if officials decide to opt for the three-match ban.