8 Very Elaborate Corn Mazes

You will never escape… the family fun!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Get lost! Wait, don’t take that as an insult. I mean, “get lost inside one of these hilarious corn mazes.” Are we friends again? No? Well, enjoy these awesome corn mazes anyway, because it’s fall and that means you’ve got to do three things: 1) Drink way too much cider. 2) Go Trick or Treating drunk. 3) Wake up the next day in a corn maze. Here are a few ridiculous mazes you might be waking up in:



It’s a dinosaur eat dinosaur world out there. [via]



African Corn Maze Safariiiiii (Roar.) [via]           


Race To DC

The road to the presidency is like some kinda kooky maze, amiright? [via]


Sarah Palin’s America

Soon this corn maze will have a show on Fox News. [via]


Yankees vs. Red Sox

Boston wins and the corn maze is burned down to the ground by a victory mob. [via]


Circus Corn Maze

If you go “clowning around” in this maze, you could get lost forever and die. [via]


Fear The Turtle

Done and… done. [via]



There’s no face on the moon! This can only mean one thing: I know more about science than those eggheads at NASA. [via]


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