5 Homes With Too Many Cats

Ever seen a cat mosh pit before? It’s pretty great/horrible.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

My rule with pets is that they shouldn’t be bigger than you, and they shouldn’t outnumber the number of humans in the house. Sure, cats are cute, but once they get the numbers advantage, they'll want more than just food, litter changing and undying servitude. They will want blood. Check out these houses of cat hoarding and be glad you are not insane enough to do this:


Feeding Time

It’s like “The Walking Dead,” but for Animal Planet.


Cat Fight

Not the sexy kind. The horrifying kind.


What’s That Smell?

“Oh, it’s cat urine,” said the neighbors, trying to stop themselves from barfing.


Meanwhile, In India…

Are Indian crazy cat ladies less crazy than American cat ladies?


The House Of 700 Cats

Those cats could (will?) successfully stage a revolt.


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