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Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s web videos are all over the board, from dog on dog action, to break away pants and feet that dance. Oh yea I rhymed, that’s all I’ve got going for me today! Today’s big winner is, surprise Racism! Make sure to check out the video from


Dailymotion  – Not Deaf Dog Fetches Deaf Dog (link)

Really not sure this is classified correctly being in the ‘Funny’ section, cause god know there’s only everything funny about being deaf, but inspite of mis categorization it’s still an interesting cute, aww moment. So worthy of inclusion for the sake of … there’s nothing else funny on Dailymotion today, at all, (or most days – zing, burn! Don’t cry dailymotion, that’s creepy, cause you’re a website and don’t have tear ducts. Srsly, WTF?)


Break  – Magical Clothes (link)

Sometimes it’s nice to know I’m sitting in public, where anyone could be looking over my shoulder and forced to see me watching something like this. I’m okay with that, because I’m secure in my clothing’s security.

For a long time there was a trend of people dancing in various places, all over the world and so on. Then there were videos of people planking everywhere, I really, really, really hope that this becomes a new trend and that it’s an equal opportunity meme trend. (That means he hopes ladies start doing this as well)

Nice train.


Atom – I'm Not Racist (link)

I have to admit, going into this I was thinking “Oh great another ‘how horrible of a racist can I be in a sketch for the sake of comedy’ video”. But I was laughing out loud (yes I get paid by the word, bite me and your cyber abbreviations).

It’s short, quick, the delivery is drier than the beef in my beef and broccoli. (double zing! Don’t cry Chinese places, I mean  inThai food as well! Triple zing! Gotta say this one was my winner for the day. Kudos boys.


Funny Or Die – Kenny Loggins is Footloose  (link)


Remember when FOD videos were funny? What’s really sad is I laughed more on that last 3 seconds, of Kenny walking away with the gopher and the twilight spoof. Everything else, kind of just made me wonder why I ever thought Pual Scheer was funny in the past. I’m sure it’s not his fault, I’m sure I still think Paul Scheer is funny… but this video, is not.

That’s the funny around the web today. If you saw something premier today that’s funnier then these videos, let us know in the comments section.