Battlefield 3 Video Shows a New Way to Dogfight

You can take away my plane, but you can never take my rocket launcher...

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Battlefield 3

So, maybe you'll find yourself engaging in an intense air battle between fighter jets in the upcoming Battlefield 3 from DICE and EA. Look, we're just trying to make sure you're prepared for a worst-case-scenario sort of situation…

You're getting bombarded by a hail of mini-gun fire and you know your jet is about to go down in a blaze of not-so-glory. Here's what you do: hop out and get your rockets ready. Oh, you don't know what we mean? Here's an epic example, courtesy of Reddit.

Did it bother anyone else that this clip wasn't recorded in widescreen format?

Battlefield 3 is due out of the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms on October 25th. Watch the video above to be awesome when it drops, watch the video below to be even better.