Confirmed: Mass Effect 3 Features Multiplayer

BioWare has finally revealed that which has been long rumored.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


BioWare has gone to Twitter to make it official: Mass Effect 3 will feature a cooperative multiplayer component, although details are scarce right now. But we can expect those deets coming real soon.

The formal announcement was made today after two different magazines (Australia's PC Powerplay and Official Xbox Magazine) premiered their upcoming covers calling out the oft-rumored mode. BioWare has been teasing a "killer new feature" for Mass Effect 3 for some time now. Chances are high that multiplayer is that feature in question. Hell, people have been speculating multiplayer's introduction to the Mass Effect franchise with Mass Effect 3 since forever ago it feels like.

So what are our thoughts? Do we think multiplayer is that "killer feature" that Mass Effect needs? Snap judgment says no, but we're putting our trust in BioWare for this one. The Mass Effect franchise definitely doesn't need a multiplayer mode, but if BioWare has a unique spin on cooperative multiplayer that will complement and enhance the Mass Effect 3 package, who are we judge them? We just don't want the single-player campaign to suffer because less development time was spent on it to focus on multiplayer. If Mass Effect 3's single player is anything less than stellar we will nerd rage and quickly place the blame on multiplayer, whether it's deserving of scapegoat status or not.

That's just how the Internet rolls, ya dig?

Expect more Mass Effect 3 multiplayer news soon. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts on the mode's inclusion?