Tiger Woods Assaulted With Hot Dog!

Well, I guess it was more an attempted assault but it was still a hot dog!

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Golf is a gentleman's sport, always has been, probably always will be, but when Tiger Woods exploded onto the scene and started winning (and winning, and winning) how the sport was perceived began to alter. No longer was it 'just' a game for gentleman but it was a focal point for a new wave of casual fans and players. And, as always, with this increase of popularity, also came a more diverse crowd when the professionals hit the tee.

While that has been good for the sport as a whole, it also provides a better chance that some idiot is going to try to do something funny. Such was the case this weekend when Tiger Woods was playing the final round at the Frys.com Open.

Eying up a put on the 7th hole on Sunday, Woods heard a commotion behind him as a spectator ran onto the field of play shouting his name. He looked up and saw what I'm guessing he thought he'd never see on a golf course, a hot dog flying at him. The object fell way short and Woods calmly went back to work but nobody can question the oddity of the action by the still unidentified man.

"I looked up and the hot dog was in the air," Woods said. "(The fan) wanted to be in the news. I guess he is now."

Tiger went on to comment that it almost looked as if the man did it just to be arrested.

"He was pretty far away from me, and you know, when he started making the commotion and the gallery started to kind of get into it, I could hear the security behind me. I was still bent over my putt," Woods said. "And when I looked up it was already in the air. The bun was kind of disintegrating there.

"So he laid down on the ground and looked like he either knew what he was doing because he laid on the ground, put his hands behind his back and turned his head away from security. So just one of those deals."

The incident proved to be the only high point for Woods in the tournament as he finished 30th overall and was 10 strokes behind of Briny Baird and Bryce Molder, both of whom would go on to have a playoff with Molder getting the win. This was Woods first tournament since he played the PGA Championship back in August and the rust was evident.

"I got better every day,'' Woods said. "Unfortunately a couple of times where I kind of didn't get the momentum going when I had a couple of chances to make putts or I hit a bad shot and I haven't played much. That comes with competitive flow, understanding the situations and feels, and game time is a little bit different. I really haven't played a whole lot since the Masters.''

Woods plans on playing in the Australian Open next month after a series of exhibitions in Asia a week prior to the tournament.