Nick Offerman on Ron Swanson

We talk to the man behind the mustache, Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation. 

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Ron Swanson

The magical wonder of Nick Offerman’s moustache is that when I saw him on Monday, it was just stubble. By Saturday when he hosted the Television Critics Association awards, it was the full Ron Swanson beard. I snuck in a few questions with Offerman before he had to take a photo op at NBC’s party for the TCA.


CraveOnline: Is it great to see people appreciate the masterful skills of Ron Swanson?

Nick Offerman: It is. It’s incredibly gratifying to see the way people react to so many aspects of the show, including the skills of Ron Swanson. It just attests to how amazing our writer’s room is that their subject matter resonates so strongly with our audience.


CraveOnline: When you see the news about the debt ceiling debates, do you feel we need Ron Swanson now more than ever?

Nick Offerman: Well, if for no other reason than to just walk into Congress and Teddy Roosevelt style get into a few fist fights. Just clear the air a little bit.


CraveOnline: Is Ron able to stay out of it this season or is he pulled more and more into actually working?

Nick Offerman: I think that constantly happens. He’s always being pulled in two directions by his own lack of desire to perform any government work whatsoever and his parental caring of Leslie Knope and wanting to see her succeed, even though she wants to succeed in ways that she abhors.


CraveOnline: Can he help being a little proud of her?

Nick Offerman: Oh no. He’d hate to admit it but I think deep down he’s incredibly proud of her.


CraveOnline: What do you think of Patricia Clarkson as Tammy #1?

Nick Offerman: I think the casting of her is insanely brilliant. I can’t believe I get to work with Patricia.


CraveOnline: When did you meet?

Nick Offerman: We’ve been buddies for a while. Megan and I are friends with her. I didn’t dream that I’d get to work with her in this capacity so to have both Megan and Patricia as my two ex-wives is unfathomable. I’m so excited.