Fox Conjures Up ‘The Magicians’

The screenwriters of "X-Men: First Class" will bring Lev Grossman's novel series to television.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Although "Terra Nova" wasn't a blockbuster out of the gate as hoped for by the network, Fox is preparing a new potential genre series for next season.

According to Deadline, Fox has ordered a pilot script for "The Magicians," based upon the novel by Lev Grossman. "X-Men: First Class" screenwriters Ashley Miller & Zack Stentz have been signed to adapt the novel, with Michael London, Shawn Levy and Michael Adelstein attached to produce the potential TV series.

Grossman's original novel "The Magicians" has been described as "Harry Potter for grown ups" and it was originally published in 2009. The main character of the novel was Quentin Coldwater, a young man who was recruited to attend an elite collage for magicians before discovering that the fantasy world and characters from his favorite novels are real. Grossman followed "The Magicians" with a sequel earlier this year, which was called "The Magician King."

For the TV series, the premise will focus on "a group of 20-somethings in New York who study magic and have access to a magical world" and it isn't clear how closely the adaptation will follow the novel.

Prior to this assignment, Miller & Stentz both wrote for Fox during their stints on "Fringe" and "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles." Outside of his novels, Grossman is a senior writer and book critic for Time Magazine.

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