5 Occupy Wall Street Costumes From The 99%

When you’re protesting corporate greed, every day is Halloween!

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Ask the protesters in NYC, “what’s spookier than the ghosts, goblins and ghosts of goblins put together?” Someone might answer, “the unchecked corporate greed of America’s super-rich 1%.” I agree that’s scary, but we can’t leave wolfmen out of this equation. Anyway, Halloween isn’t until a few weeks, but thanks to the Occupy Wall Street protesters, the costume parade has come early this year. Observe:


America’s Going Gaga

My my my protest face. My my protest face. [via]


Corporate Zombies

Breaaaaaks… tax breaaaaaaaks… [via, 2


Happy Space Man

Hey everybody, it’s Happy Space Man! [via]


Some Kind of Bull

You know what’s pretty? Colors. [via]



The two things you can always be certain of: death and taxes. Or rather, corporate tax loopholes. Also: watch out, lady! [via]


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