7 Dogs Reacting To Farts

You can teach a dog to fetch, but they’ll never understand farts.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

To humans, a fart is a hilarious sound that comes out of a butt. To dogs, it’s a loud, abrupt noise that can attack at a moment’s notice. If a burglar wants to incapacitate a dog, forget the t-bone steak – they should just use a fart app on an iPhone, or eat a ton of eggs right before the break-in. Here’s how a sampling of canines reacted to farrrrrrrrrrrrts:






At ease, soldier.


Where Are Those Farts Coming From?

The skittish Detective Dog is on the case.


He’s Gonna Get Going

That dog is smart not to stick around.



The hard wood floors make escape impossible.


Whoopie Cushions Are Horrible

The solution? Bark at them until they go away forever.


Worried About Farts Much, Dog?

Mitsy, you are scared of life.


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