Infinity Blade II Announced

The popular iOS hack ‘n’ slash is getting a sequel. Three cheers!

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


During the company’s “Let’s talk iPhone” press conference, Apple announced Infinity Blade II, a sequel to the 2010 iOS smash hit from developer Chair Entertainment in conjunction with Epic Games.

Infinity Blade II was used as a tech demo during the Apple conference to demo Apple’s upcoming iOS 5 platform, which releases on October 12th. Epic Games President, Mike Capps, was actually in attendance to pilot the on-stage demonstration.

While speaking with IGN, Geremy Mustard, technical director and co-founder of Chair, said Infinity Blade II features a world that is “four or five times bigger than in the first game. It's just so much more content." There will also be more environments to explore than just one massive castle this time around, and each with have multiple branching pathways. Finally, dual-weapon fighting will be an option in Infinity Blade II.

Infinity Blade II will be hitting iPhones and iPads on December 1, 2011.