Infomercial Product Review

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Eli Blueby Eli Blue

In Walgreens and small time e commerce shops across America, infomercial (or as "Seen on TV" products) for autos have competed for attention. From the catchy Ding King to the Windshield Wonder, consumers are at a bind to know what works and doesn't work. Go or no go on these products? Here is our take on two of the more popular products on the TV market today.


Windshield Wonder – This contraption uses a microfiber cleaning cloth attached to a long handle claims to only need tap water, and not cleaning fluid, to effectively clean car windows.  Its pivoting head lets you attack odd angles and claims to beat moisture and condensation. Virtually every Walgreens carries it now.

Verdict: The Windshield Wonder, as of Oct 1, has 79 custom reviews with a 4-star average rating. The micro cloth material has achieved rave reviews but build quality has been criticized with several consumers reporting flimsy plastics that break in several pieces with a not-so-sturdy head. At .51 cents at some online retailers, this product is worth a try.


Ding King – This do-it-yourself paintless dent repair system is designed to offset the cost of the $300 auto repair shops charge to fix small dents. Simply splash bonding agents on a pulling bridge contraption attached to a wing nut and tighten. The twists eventually put the ding back into place. The product claims to work one very finish and comes with a money back guarantee. Careful, as this technique requires a little patience in pulling off.

Verdict: Consumer reviews cite its effectiveness (many claim 80% to 95% of the dent being repaired) but knock the glues stubbornness in getting removed. At $34.99 (lower with some retailers) with money back guarantee, its worth a shot beating the auto repair shops.