COMMUNITY 3.02 ‘Geography of Global Conflict’

 “Earth 2 is out there. You can’t ignore it forever.”

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Episode Title: "Geography of Global Conflict"

Writer: Andy Bobrow

Director: Joe Russo

In Greendale, everyone will inevitably have their own evil doppelganger. For Annie (Alison Brie), her counterpart is Annie Kim (Irene Choi), a cute and smart young student who greatly resembles Annie… if she were Asian. There are even signs that Annie Kim is more intelligent than regular Annie. And Annie Kim already has the favor of Professor Cligoris (Martin Starr), an instructor whom Annie is eager to impress.

Annie doesn't even want to acknowledge that she sees Annie Kim as a threat or a rival, so she makes a point of introducing her to the study group… who instantly see through Annie's intentions. In a great bit, Pierce (Chevy Chase) disparages Annie Kim to the group and tries to say he was referring to her gender and not her race before flipping the reason for the insult when he repeats it later. Pierce is just Pierce. This was the closest he can get to being a supportive friend.

Meanwhile, Jeff (Joel McHale) jumps to Annie's defense when Annie Kim steals her Model U.N. idea and not only doesn't deny stealing it, but she insinuates that Jeff is either Annie's boyfriend… or her father. But Professor Cligoris loves the idea of two dueling Model U.N.s, so he sets up the competition placing Annie and Annie Kim head-to-head.

Naturally, most of the study group gets involved, with Pierce representing "the tropical paradise of Somalia," Jeff is Uruguay,  Abed (Danny Pudi) is Switzerland, Troy (Donald Glover) is Georgia, Shirley (Yvette Nicole Brown) is China with Annie taking the leadership reigns as America's ambassador. Ever the sci-fi geek, Abed instantly postulates that Annie Kim's Model U.N. most be on a parallel world from theirs and he constantly sounds the alarm about the other Earth. And even though Troy insists upon speaking with a Georgian (Southern) accent, he knows full well that the country is not the state. Regardless, Annie's U.N. is unrealistically effective when all of the delegates instantly agree with whatever she proposes. 

It all goes perfectly well for Annie's team until someone rips an epic fart that tears their symbolic nations apart and sends Annie into a childish rage. Jeff berates her, then embarrasses himself when he adds that she is  “acting like a little schoolgirl and not in a hot way!”

After chasing down Annie, Jeff actually has a very frank conversation with her about how much she means to him and he adds that he can't just treat her like a child anymore. They almost kiss, but they back off when they mutually get weirded out.

Abed and the rest of the rest of the study group save the day when he concocts a theory that their united Earth found a way to use his country's super science to communicate with Annie Kim's alternate world and suggest an alliance between the two Earths. Annie Kim objects, but Professor Cligoris hilariously allows it because he buys Abed's scientific explanation for it.  

Annie Kim proves to be even more stubborn than Annie and she won't accept the proposed alliance even though it would give her Model U.N. the victory. Instead, Cligoris declares Annie's team the winner because it went with the high minded empty gesture… just like the real U.N. would.

Meanwhile, Britta (Gillian Jacobs) reawakens her inner activist when she learns that an acquaintance of hers is being imprisoned in Syria. At the same time, Senor Chang (Ken Jeong) is desperately looking for someone to oppress with his newfound power as a security guard. Annie's initial contempt for him and Chang's subsequent dressing down from his superior does crush his spirit for a while… at least until he and Annie give each other what they need. For her, it's a chance to lash out and rebel against anything that she can without actually breaking the law. But for Chang, it's more simple. He just wanted to use his taser and feel powerful.

The Chang and Britta subplot was a little weak compared to Annie's storyline. Strangely enough, the Lionel Richie music played during scenes between Britta and Chang almost implied a romantic tension; which didn't work for me. It's good that Jacobs got a story outside of the study group, but the entire plotline fizzled out before it went anywhere interesting.

On a minor side note, Erik Charles Nielsen's Garrett was hilarious every time he screamed "Crisis Alert!" problems for the two Model United Nations to solve. There was some terrific editing in that sequence too.

Overall, this was a fun episode with some brilliant jokes and forward progression on the Jeff and Annie front. If Britta's story had been more entertaining, the rating would have been a lot higher…

Crave Online Rating: 8 out of 10.