‘The X-Files’ Creator Returns To Television

Chris Carter strikes a deal to create a new TV series.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Nearly ten years after "The X-Files" went off the air, Chris Carter is ready to jump back into television.

Deadline is reporting that Carter has signed with the production company MRC to write, direct and executive produce a currently untitled mystery drama centered around a female main character. MRC intends to begin pitching the series to various networks in the next few weeks and MRC also hopes to go straight-to-series; just as the company's recent "House of Cards" TV series starring Kevin Spacy landed a two season pickup on Netflix.

Back in 1993, Carter created "The X-Files;" a supernatural themed thriller about two FBI agents charged with investigating unusual crimes while also uncovering a larger conspiracy about the impending alien colonization of the Earth. The series starred David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it ran for nine seasons on Fox, along with two feature films that saw Duchovny and Anderson reprise their roles on the big screen.

Carter also created the TV series "Millennium" and "The Lone Gunmen," as well as the TV adaptation of the comic book, "Harsh Realm."

Aside from the second "X-Files' movie and the upcoming "Fencewalker" feature film, Carter has primarily been withdrawn from Hollywood for the bulk of the last decade. According to the Deadline report, Carter conceived his current project a while back before pitching it to MRC earlier this year.

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Photo Credit: WENN.com