How to Be a Playa

Listen, you can talk to your playa-friends, or you can talk to me, the woman writing this article.

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

You want to be a Playa? I'm not sure you do, or if you've done enough to deserve it. But if you're that interesed… there are some tips from Lane Cummings playa-coach to you… a loser (presumably) 


Make an effort to befriend the friends of the woman you’re dating. Nothing says playa like banging a chick, and then banging her best friend. And I mean nothing! Women all have dormant, but present level of jealousy for each other, so many women will be open to your attention. It’s really not as difficult as that episode of Seinfeld made it look (if you know which one I’m talking about leave a comment).


Carry a man purse. It’s a great conversation starter. 


Download an app, that will make it look like your phone is going off with text messages every couple of minutes, or pay a friend (or better yet, several friends to text you). Lay your phone on the table when talking to a woman. Let her see that your phone is getting all this action. Deliberately do not look at the text messages (you’re pretending to be a gentleman). This will raise your stock instantly. And yet, so effortlessly. You look popular and desired, when really, you’re just you.

Buy an exotic animal. Imagine if women came over and there was a lemur running around your home? You seem instantly more desirable. It’s like you’re about to offer her a taste of exotic fruits.


Add a few feminine decorative accessories to your apartment. When a woman comes over and asks where you got that mauve lamp or shag throw rug, just shrug and say it was a gift for a friend. Ha ha! Make sure you’re clear that you didn’t purchase it, as her and her friends will hotly discuss how gay you are. Let her think they’re gifts from past ladies.


Carry a travel sewing kit around with you, and make “spontaneous” repairs. Now this might sound wacky, but if you execute it in such a manner that it clearly looks like you do not know what you are doing, women will truly flock to you. They’ll see that guy “trying to sew” and have to comment or jump in and help. Women love that. It’s like watching a man trying to bake a cake (not a bad idea either). The key is to introduce yourself during this delicate dance. And seal the deal by getting her number or—given this scenario, she might be the one to try to look you up on the old book of faces.