NBA Negotiations Heating Up

This weekend will be vital to the process of getting basketball back.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

The NBA Players Association and the League representatives met again on Tuesday in an attempt to clear the air a bit after last weeks meetings left a bad taste in both sides mouth. Though this meeting was short, reported at being under 3 hours, it does appear that some progress may be made in the near future as both sides emerged in a little better mood, though neither side would really say if any progress had been made.

David Stern came out smiling from the talks, a stark difference from his body language of a week ago and briefly addressed the media, though it was more about his attitude than the talks.

“Because when I didn’t smile the last time, I was described as something between dour and surly,” Stern, the NBA commissioner, said after a two-hour bargaining session.

“So this is my smiling face.”

The players side, as represented mainly by their president, Derek Fisher, was a little more candid with the media. And while he also was mostly tight lipped, there was some in between the lines innuendo that leads one to think that the two sides are slowly coming together on the important parts of the new deal.

“We don’t waste time in there,” said Fisher, adding, “Sometimes, they get to a point where you have to break and go to your respective offices, discuss some of the things that we touched on, and then come back at it tommorrow.”

While the deadline to save the entire regular season is fast approaching, a sooner deadline is appearing on the horizon. From reports and information garnered from ESPN, it appears that the players are sending the call out to all the big guns in the league, guys like LeBron and Kobe, to meet Friday in New York in preparation for a big round of meetings with the owners this weekend.

It is being speculated that the owners have softened some on their hard cap and are offering a one time deal to the players in an attempt to save the season. With the big guns being called out on the players side to end the week, this could be a sign that they are seriously considering the owners offer.

While a deal may not be met this weekend, major steps towards it may be had as both sides are obviously feeling the crunch of the regular season. The pressure to deliver on the court just may be enough to get this deal done in a timely fashion. Otherwise, it's bye bye for the season for sure.

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