Which Funny Boy Are You?

I know, I know. You’re so funny. That’s what every one says about you. Where’s so-and-so? He’s so funny. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

Dear reader, I’m not going to take pot shots at you and tell you what a loser you are because you don’t know how to talk to girls. While that’s definitely true, you’re also very witty. Yep.

But what kind of wit do you have? Well read on to find out.

You’re a complainer. But in a funny way. You’re dry. You’re sarcastic. If you weren’t funny, it’s likely no one would want you around. Your humor personality is… Steve Martin!


You’re a little tough to describe. You’re kind of goofy, kind of cute. You do things that are kind of goofy and kind of cute and kind of gross sometimes. You’re not afraid to embarrass yourself. IN fact sometimes it seems like you enjoy embarrassing yourself. Your humor personality is… Will Ferrell!

You’re roly-poly and everyone loves it. You trip and fall and it’s hilarious. You say things like “How about I buy you a foot-long?” and everyone cracks a smile. You do wacky stuff (like make giant pancakes that you flip over with a shovel for little kids) that brings out that old hardy-har-hars. Your humor personality is… John Candy!

You believe in good clean fun. There’s no reason to curse or raise your voice. You deliver jokes, or rather, your humorous statements in a deadpan manner that startles even the… the most deadpan comedian. Your humor personality is… Steve Carrell!

Oh, you do raise your voice. You like to punctuate your punchlines with a yell. And it does work. You are funny, and heck, part of the reason you’re funny is because you’re so frank. In fact, you could tell someone their momma was so damn ugly and you’d use exactly those words and heck, that person would laugh along with you. Your humor personality is… Chris Rock!