“Comedic” Movie Moments

You know, the screenwriters weren't going for laughs, but dear God, it's the only way to make some of these films bearable. 

Lane Cummingsby Lane Cummings

After recently watching Abduction (a man broke into my house and put a gun to my head and dragged me to the local cinema) during the screening  Iwas often reminded of what James Berardinelli of ReelViews said, “Perhaps the only way to approach Abduction that will not result in a 105-minute boredom-induced coma is to think of it as a comedy, preferably with a drinking game attached.”

That’s abduction for sure, but it’s alsoa lot of movies. I know this is going to make me unpopular, not just because I’m a whiny anemic blond, but because my opinions are often that of a 65 year old woman living in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin. So here’s a list of movies that had the best comedic moments, and definitely didn’t know it.


The Edge

I know this was supposed to be an adventure drama of some sort and in many ways it was. Big bear. Run! Kill it!! Go! But there were some points when the camera would cut over to Alec Baldwin and he would have this DUMBFOUNDED look on his face. Make that dumbfounded with a touch of delirium. This isn’t the best image of it, but DAMN, I laughed out loud in the cinema back in the nineties and every time I see it now. I GUFFAW. 


Match Point

I chuckled a lot through this one too. Not just because the script was like a romance novel (well, not that good) and the acting was strained at best, with everyone standing around like they were reading through books that covered both acting 101 and etiquette—it was the “sex” scenes that really made me laugh. My favorite was the one when Johanseen unbuttons what’s-his-face’s shirt and he moans. Dude, she’s just taking your shirt off. She’s touching your clothes and not your person. Relax. 


Walk the Line

A good movie, for sure. But did anyone else get tired of seeing Joachim Phoenix grunting and moaning in front of the camera in a tight close up the whole time? I did. It starts to make you a little uncomfortable after a while—like I wondered what his hands were doing. 


Before Sunrise

I love this movie because it’s living proof that an entire production team can all be smoking crack at the same time. Because that’s what it took to get this movie made. This movie is a joke of a miracle founded on the all mighty crack pipe. How do you a pitch an idea about a movie where NOTHING HAPPENS? Hey investors, I’ve got an idea, invest in a movie where boy meets girl. And then… No wait, that’s it. Boy meets girl. Boy talks to girl. The end. 

Look at them! Enraptured in conversation on a bus! Genius!