The BOTTOM Five Featuring The NFL

Looking at the five worst teams so far this season.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Minnesota Vikings (0-3)

So much for the hope that Donovan McNabb could turn around a team that is about the most talented winless team around this year. With a former Pro Bowl QB like McNabb and a beast of a runner in Adrian Peterson, why exactly are the Vikings undefeated? Simply because they can't close out games. In the past two games Minnesota has led a combined 37-0 and have lost both. That shows a lack of focus and preparation that can be set at the feat of the coaching staff.


St. Louis Rams (0-3)

I will give the Rams this, they are at least trying. Well, you can't tell that from the 37-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens this past Sunday but they are trying. The problem is that when you combine inexperience at your key position, quarterback, and an injury prone rusher then you aren't really going to get the type of consistency that is needed to win games. The good news for the Rams, though, is that they have nowhere to go but up.


Miami Dolphins (0-3)

Coming into this past Sunday I thought that Miami was a semi-talented team that just got hammered by the schedule makers the first two weeks. With the New England Patriots in week 1 and the Houston Texans in week 2, it's no wonder they started the season winless. Then came this past Sunday when they faced a Cleveland Browns squad without their best offensive weapon, rusher Peyton Hillis, and LOST! No, sorry, there is no excuse for that. The Dolphins just suck.


Indianapolis Colts (0-3)

The Colts are really getting a first hand account of the difference one man can make to a team. With Peyton Manning, they are a playoff team, without him, they are fast approaching the Andrew Luck sweepstakes status. Give them some props though, they played the Steelers tough on Sunday night and was an average QB away from stealing a win.


Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)

The Chiefs are the NFL's most mystifying team this season. A playoff team from a year ago, they have simply been manhandled this year so far. After losing their best defensive player and offensive player for the year to injuries, Kansas City is gearing up for a long and ugly ride. They have the talent to win some games, but do they have the will and the resolve? That's the question and that's what we will see in the coming weeks.