‘The Wolverine’ Gets New Screenwriter, New Delays

Sorry fanboys, but apparently Les Miserables comes first.

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

At last, it seemed, The Wolverine was on track. We had a new director, James Mangold, who proved his action chops after 3:10 to Yuma. We had a lead actor who really wants to make the film before he grows to old to plausibly play a character who never ages. And we had a fresh injection of good will after this summer's critically and financially successful X-Men: First Class erased our collected memories of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. And then Les Miserables came along, and screwed us out of The Wolverine for at least another year.

Damn it.

Damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it damn it DAMN IT!

Yes, The Wolverine has been put on hold because The King's Speech director Tom Hooper's adaptation of the Broadway musical Les Miserables, starring Jackman and Russell Crowe, went into production first. Quoth the Jackman: "If it wasn’t for ‘Les Mis,’ we’re ready now […] Now that Jim [Mangold]’s on board, we’re ready to go. For ‘Les Mis’ to work, we would have had to start 'Wolverine,' basically, yesterday. So when we needed to press the button, we weren’t quite ready. So it will happen straight after."

If anyone's betting that Mangold will leave The Wolverine before then to work on a movie that can actually shoot in the next year, the Vegas odds are in your favor.

Jackman also had this to say on the subject of Mark Bomback, who was recently hired to polish the script and who probably isn't a fan favorite after his unimpressive work on Live Free or Die Hard (which, in his defense, was probably rewritten by half a dozen other screenwriters after he was done): "When a director takes over any script […] they need to make it their movie. So Jim hired Mark to help him make the movie his own. Darren [Aronofsky] had worked on the script himself and taken it in a certain direction that was right for him. And that would have been a great version of the movie. I’ve seen Jim’s version now and, you know, Jim saw things that weren’t working for him that were working for Darren. And I’ve got to hand it to Fox and to Jim, it’s easy when you start with the best script we’ve had from Chris McQuarrie. Which is why Darren signed on. So once you have that, that’s 80, 85 percent of your movie."

One more bit of interest from the really interesting talk with Jackman (seriously, click over to read the rest of it), on the subject of X-Men 4, which he says probably won't happen: "I don’t see it. I can only see one movie ahead. […] I’m pretty sure I’m well into the second half of this match. I don’t know exactly when the end is, but I only go one at a time. If this is the last one, fingers crossed, man, I just hope we finally get that hole in one."

Although if there's a part for him in X-Men: First Class 2"If they come up with as good of an idea as last time […] Yeah, I could see it."

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