5 Slow Motion Water Balloon Hits

The next best thing to throwing a water balloon is seeing what it looks like when it explodes.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Hitting someone with a water balloon is good, clean fun. A ketchup balloon? Maybe not so much, but water balloon fights are great. They're woven into the fabric of American culture, which is why the War of 1812 ended with a crazy water balloon fight with the British to blow off all that "war steam." That fact is not in the history books, and no historian will admit it, but it totally happened. So, to celebrate the greatness of water balloons, here's slow motion footage of them exploding.


Water Balloon Goes Boom

Wait for it.


Fight The Balloon

It’s not getting hit with a water balloon if you punch it first.


Water Balloons and Boobs

This video has over 4 and a half million plays on YouTube. It deserves more.


Meet The Giant Water Balloon

At 6 feet, it’s sorta big. (Slow-mo starts at 1:43.)


Unbreakable Balloon

He was ready for it, but the explosion? It never came. And that is the story of this dude.


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