The Darkness II Gets Backstory Trailer

Ever wonder what the Darkness is?

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

The Darkness II

2K Games sent over their newest The Darkness II trailer this morning so that we could share it with you, our readers. We checked the game out both at PAX East and again at E3 and we were impressed with what we saw both times; but, more on that in a second.

Here's what 2K offers up in their email as a way to introduce the clip below:

This gritty video introduces a new character in The Darkness II – Johnny Powell. He explains The Darkness’ beginnings, how the Darkness has helped to establish Jackie’s role as the Don of the Estacado family, his connection to past girlfriend Jenny and showcasing the unique Quad-Wielding, combat mechanic that allows gamers to simultaneously dual-wield two guns, and two Demon Arms during battle.

As I said before, I had a chance to see this game and do up a proper preview for it during PAX East last March. Here's my write-up.

The core message within that preview was, basically, that The Darkness II looks good so far. The aesthetics, the gameplay, the story and the characters feel strong currently. But I did emphasize that this game still needs just a little more time in the oven.

Well, it's due in February of next year. The trailer above certainly gives off the vibe that this title is worth getting excited for. We'll have more on The Darkness II as it comes.