Rift Patch 1.5 Goes Live Next Week

The 'Ashes of History' patch will add a boatload of new content to Trion's MMO.

Mike Whiteby Mike White


Trion has announced on their official Rift forums that patch 1.5, Ashes of History, will go live on servers next week. In the game’s six months of existence, Trion has maintained a feverish pace regarding new content and updates/fixes to the game. Ashes of History will not include any new raid content but brings a new Warfront, the promise of another world event, player rewards and a new form of character progression to Rift.

Pvp enthusiasts will finally get another zone to battle the opposing faction in via the Library of the Runemasters. Rift currently has five Warfronts, all of which were available to players at launch. Though PvP dailies and PvP rifts have been introduced since the last patch, players still want more. The Library of the Runemasters will add another layer of variety to the game but the diehard ascended-hunters won’t be satisfied until Trion adds an open-world PvP zone.

Patch 1.5 also adds a new form of content called Chronicles of Telara. Chronicles are instances designed for two max-level players and are heavily based on the game’s lore. There will be three Chronicles to start, each representing areas of the game formerly only accessible to players in 20-man raids. For completing each instance, players will be rewarded with loot equivalent to tier 1 raid drops.


In addition to the three new instances, Trion is introducing a new difficulty option for pre-existing dungeons. Beginning with Darkening Deeps, players will be able to choose between normal, expert, and the new master dungeon mode. Master dungeons are only for geared, well-coordinated groups with plenty of patience. Those who are up to the challenge will be rewarded handsomely for completing the new mode.

New Warfronts and instances are nice additions to an already enjoyable game, but what players always crave is free loot. Enter: Veteran rewards. This new program for Rift is a system of giving players items such as pets, mounts, cosmetic gear and more, all based on subscription time. Packages are unlocked at 1, 3, 6, 12 and 18 months.

Also coming to Ashes of History are player-created add-ons, a new world event and Planar Attunement. The latter is a system for players who have reached level 50 to earn stat upgrades through completing quests as well as killing creatures from rifts or invasions. This will add another layer of character customization and progression. Hopefully players will feel more incentive to participate in rift and invasion events instead of focusing solely on dungeon grinding.