Get a Chicken Gun in Gears of War 3

Say hello to the latest Gears 3 easter egg: the Cluckshot.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Gears of War 3 has been available for roughly a week by this point. In that time, people have started to discover hidden easter eggs that Epic Games inserted into the title for laughs. GameFront has been hard at work finding all the easter eggs Gears of War 3 holds, and documenting each as they stumble across them. We’re already seen the dancing wretch, the “Mad World” song on Gridlock in multiplayer, the pig roast and Cole’s love for playground slides. But this latest easter egg is probably the best. Everyone say hello to the Cluckshot, a Boomshot that fires, you guessed it… chickens.

The below embedded video outlines exactly how you go about unlocking the Cluckshot for everyone in your party during Gears of War 3’s campaign. It’s a pretty intense string of objectives, but totally worth it for the hilarious end result.

But before you watch the video to find out how to unlock the ultimate chicken gun, be mindful that there are spoilers in the below clip. If you haven’t reached Act IV of the campaign, you might want to turn away, finish that part of the story, then come back. Viewer discretion is advised.