Historectomy Episode 5 “The Death of Rasputin”

One of the most spectacular deaths in history!

Sam Wellerby Sam Weller

The most fascinating assassination story I have ever heard: the death of Rasputin! Advisor to the last czar of Russia and his royal family, Rasputin was a combination religious monk, lothario, hypnotist, and political schemer. He partied hard and died even harder.



At least two known attempts on his life were taken and how he was able to survive the last one to the bitter end will throw you for a complete loop! Can the dead rise from the grave? Find your answer in this episode!


Also in this episode: Why red velvet cupcakes are the best to kill people with, why "orgy cupcake" tastes so good, why freedom and wikipedia are important, how many times you need to shoot someone, little kids on tricycles, aspirin as a "wonder drug", Rasputin as leader of his own puppet troup, Sid Vicious' involvement in Russian politics, "Women Abused By Rasputin Anonymous", and how to not die while lit on fire!

Above: Rasputin as pictured in the "Hellboy" films…also totally factual.


BONUS: Rasputin as featured on obscure arcade fighter "World Heroes"!




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