Star Wars: The Old Republic Guild Alignment Begins

BioWare outlines how you can form up a pose in a galaxy far, far away...

Mike Whiteby Mike White


BioWare sent out an email to anyone who has an account created on their Star Wars: The Old Republic site outlining the next phase in Guild creation for their upcoming MMO. Guild creation prior to launch is a three-step process and Alignment will help towards assigning guilds and players to servers that fit their play-style.

When you initially create your account you are given the option of three types of servers: PvE, PvP and RP. Your profile and preferences will help to match you with potential guilds who are looking for members. If you already know of a guild you’d like to be in, all you have to do is apply.


With Guild Alignment, players are able to chose a combination of up to three other guilds as either allies or adversaries. Though competition may exist between players and guilds of the same faction, only opposing faction guilds can be chosen as adversaries. Likewise, only guilds of the same faction can become allies. These choices will allow BioWare to group guilds on the same server when the game launches.

There are no guarantees of guilds being matched on the same server due to the sheer number of guilds already created on the site. Luckily, BioWare thought ahead and implemented a restriction that at least four members of each guild must have pre-ordered the game to be transferred successfully onto a server at launch.

The idea of players having their guild set up prior to a game going live is not a new concept. However, BioWare’s efforts to streamline and automate the process of getting players into the game and grouped with friends is a nice touch. MMO players can easily suffer from a number of frustrations without a social group of other players to help them along the way. Grouping for quests, dungeons or PvP is never as satisfying when done solo.

For more information on Guilds in The Old Republic, check out the official FAQ page. If you’d like to receive emails for news concerning the game or would like to apply to a guild, sign up for free at BioWare’s Star Wars: The Old Republic official site.