Exclusive ‘Strike Back’ Episode 6 Preview

Colonel Grant tries to rescue Damien Scott as soldiers close in on Sinclare and Tahir offers a deadly choice to his captive.

Blair Marnellby Blair Marnell

Following the death of his lover, Captain Kate Marshall (Eva Birthistle), Michael Stonebridge (Philip Winchester) grew increasingly agitated during last week's episode of "Strike Back" as he and the rest of Section 20 were assigned to capture Gerald Crawford (Iain Glen), the leading weapons supplier of  Latif (Jimi Mistry).

However, when Damien Scott (Sullivan Stapleton) and Stonebridge caught up to Crawford, he said that his daughter, Dr. Clare Somersby (Laura Haddock) had been kidnapped by the African warlord, Tahir ( Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje) and she was being held for ransom in exchange for a delivery of weapons.

After Crawford promised to give Latif to Section 20 if they helped recover his daughter, Stonebridge and Scott led the effort to make save Clare without realizing that mercenaries loyal to Crawford were still active in the area. During the botched exchange, Tahir maimed Clare and cut off her ear while Scott was shot and badly wounded. With his right hand man down, Stonebridge decided to continue the attempt to retrieve Clare with Crawford… and Jacoub (Abdul Salis); the cab driver who brought Scott to the exchange.

In our exclusive preview scene of the week (courtesy of Cinemax), Scott lies wounded in a foreign hospital and under guard until Col. Eleanor Grant (Amanda Mealing) takes his recovery into her own hands.


During her captivity, Clare was forced to witness Tahir murder her fiancee. In the second preview clip of the week, Tahir brings Clare to the mass burial site where her fiancee's body was left and Tahir gives her an impossible choice if she wants to go on living…


And finally, the last clip of the week finds Major Oliver Sinclair (Rhashan Stone) reporting back to Section 20 on the botched exchanged just as a cadre of foreign soldiers storm the hospital while trying to find him.


Cinemax has also released a synopsis of the sixth episode:

After the firefight at the arms deal exchange point, Tahir (Adewale Akinnuoye Agbaje) escapes to the desert with Clare (Laura Haddock) as a hostage, and with Stonebridge and Crawford (Iain Glen) in pursuit. As they close in and prepare for an assault, Crawford gets under Stonebridge’s skin and hints about a traitor within British Intelligence. Sinclair takes an injured Scott to the hospital and is arrested by the corrupt official, so Colonel Grant takes matters into her own hands.

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