Minka Kelly on Charlie’s Angels

We talk to Minka Kelly about the latest incarnation of Charlie's Angels.

Fred Topelby Fred Topel

Charlie's Angels - Minka Kelly

If there can be a new girl on a new show, that would be Minka Kelly on Charlie’s Angels. She plays Eve, the latest addition to the trio on the latest reboot of the classic series. She was also in (500) Days of Summer, and even though it was just one scene, you know I had to thank her personally after the Charlie’s Angels presentation to the Television Critics Association.


CraveOnline: What’s it going to take to make Abby (Rachael Taylor) trust Eve?

Minka Kelly: I think in any relationship, any solid good relationship, it takes a while to trust someone. So that’s all. It’s just going to take a little time and proving myself and building the bond.


CraveOnline: What costumes are you looking forward to?

Minka Kelly: Oh gosh, every day is new. Every costume is new. It’s fun. That’s another exciting aspect of the show but at the same time, with all the beautiful clothing, there is the realness and the emotion of it, the relationships which makes it you have everything.


CraveOnline: Of course it’s undercover work, and we saw the three of you as waitresses in the pilot.

Minka Kelly: Oh, you know what actually? I am excited about a salsa dance coming up which I’m very excited about. Bosley and I are going to go undercover as salsa dancers so I’m looking forward to that.


CraveOnline: The music is a really important part of the show. What are you listening to?

Minka Kelly: Oh my gosh, I listen to everything from Amos Lee and Ray Lamontange to Beyonce and Jay-Z. I love music. Music is something I’m very, very passionate about.


CraveOnline: What music helps you get into character?

Minka Kelly: Yes, sometimes I need to kick some butt and I’ll listen to some Beyonce and be an empowered woman. Or sometimes I have to be a little emotional so I’ll listen to my Ray Lamontange or Rosie Thomas or Patty Griffin.