Funny Pages – Learndeding Time!

There’s a lot of education in today’s viral headlines. From boat safety to Physics!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

Today’s web seems to have a hidden agenda to teach us some important lessons about a wide variety of subjects. From boating safety and slide etiquette to the benefits of hi tech and even  a quick DIY on how to take down an escape red neck.

Break  – Houseboat Slide Surf Fail (link)

It’s amazing what you think you can pull off when you’re completely schlitzed.

It’s even more amazing what your friends will laugh at, and upload to the internet on your behalf.

Youtube – Wish I Had a Portal Gun (link)

Dorkly via the CollegeHumor channel has taken the spotlight in the youtube comedy section, with this kinetic type flash animation. 

As much as I love portal, and anything that supports humor, I must protest that half the scenarios they play out wouldn’t even be realistically feasible! Anyway… funny song.

I mean, you know, if a portal gun existed and junk.. but even with in the game dynamics, it would be highly impractical to order a pizza and use the portal gun to speed up the delivery…

You’d have to go all the way to the store, drop an orange door there, fill out that box on the website form for ‘special instructions’ and be all ‘yo, step in to the orange glowing hole.’ Pfft like a delivery guy is gonna do that. And make sure that junk doesn’t turn your pizza all upside down.


StupidVideos  – How To Stop A Perp  (link)

This next one is good cause it’s educational. Actually it’s educational on two different levels. First you get to see how a trained professional takes down a perp in this flawless execution.


You get to see Newton’s first law, first hand! A body in motion stays in motion, unless an external force acts upon the body!

Then a beautiful visualization of Newton’s third law as well.

YAY Science!


Funny Or Die – Flight of the Griffin (link)

Ok Can I just start with this, this sketch has Alex Fernie (the waiter) which immediately excited me. Fernie is 1 third of the legendary improv team ‘Convoy’. Sadly after his one line delivery, he’s done… and then this sketch becomes some bastard child of Tim and Eric and Youtube Home Production.

It seems to want to intentionally play off the ‘so bad it’s good’ feeling, but you can’t just do that and force it down your viewers throats.

And then it does it. Somewhere around 2:45 the horrible of it ceased to be and I couldn’t help but laugh twice. And then decided I was still going to bash it publicly on crave. Go morals!


Dailymotion  – I am not a BYU guy, I am a Utah fan! (link)

Finally. This is what’s wrong with Utah:

Let’s chalk that last one up to some brilliant allegory about raising a child, or just not raising a child in Utah.

That’s all that’s  funny on the web today, you can now turn it off and go live a life. Or fill out that application to be on a reality TV show.

Have fun with that.