7 Futuristic Portraits of Bill Murray

To celebrate Bill Murray’s recent birthday, here’s what artists think Dr. Venkman himself will look in our sick, strange future world.

Geoffrey Goldenby Geoffrey Golden

Bill Murray has turned 61 years old, but thanks to advances in modern science, along with the proven link between increased life expectancy and number of Wes Anderson movies starred in, Mr. Murray will most likely live forever! That’s why artists have been drawing their predictions for what the man who gave us Carl Spackler will look like many years from now. If some of these futures come true, I think it’s safe to say we’re all pretty scrooged.


Bill Murray: Commander In Chief

Protecting Americorp from our would-be Neptunian conquerors! [via]


Bill Murray: Living In Caddytron

It’s the slob programs versus the snob programs. [via]


Bill Murray: Multi-Faced Space God

All Hail The Voice of Garfield and his Rabbit Companion! [via]


Bill Murray: Psychic

He can crash your karaoke party… with his mind. [via]


Bill Murray: Aquabeing

He has evolved beyond the surface world. “Zissou… zissou… zissou…” [via]


Bill Murray: Ass-Kicking Tank Head

If you run into this Bill Murray, you die. And you don’t wake up at 6 am the next day. [via]


Bill Murray: ???

Of all the future scenarios presented here, this seems the most likely. [via]


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