Moment of the Week: Daredevil Gets His Groove Back

It's a brand new era for the Man Without Fear, who isn't even afraid of swapping spit with the bride at a mobster wedding.

Andy Hunsakerby Andy Hunsaker

Daredevil #1

Mark Waid made a comment at Comic-Con last week that made an astute observation about the long shadow Frank Miller's reinvention of Daredevil had cast over the stories being told about Matt Murdock's life, saying that the tragedies that had been heaped on his shoulders were so heavy that you needed a drink after reading each issue.  Now that Waid's in the driver's seat and controlling Matt Murdock's new direction, he's making the effort to step out of that shadow and save his lead character's sanity by lightening up.

Daredevil #1 is a big step in that direction, allowing Matt to have a sense of humor and an ability to actually enjoy being alive, even though there's still that somewhat tense undercurrent of 'if he doesn't react this way, he'll break under the weight of loss, failure and misery.'  There's no greater illustration of that than when he's in the midst of fighting The Spot, who is trying to kidnap a girl from a mob wedding.  Right after he fails to prevent Spot from murdering a co-conspirator who was about to spill the beans, instead of diving into angry recriminations, he instead kisses the bride because she's wearing a perfume he likes.

That's the Moment of the Week right there, and lightening the load on Daredevil's soul is Waid's contribution to Alcoholics Anonymous. 


Daredevil #1


Is this gonna turn into a thng?  A mobster groom angry about disrespect?  A former moll lured into the tights life by the power of a hero-smooch?  Or is this just DD's new mission statement on life?  We'll have to read more to find out.