Batman: Arkham City Goes Viral

A viral marketing campaign has kicked off for Arkham City, leaving us with many questions.

Erik Norrisby Erik Norris


Every day it feels like there’s more news trickling out of the media faucet about Batman: Arkham City. Take today for example: Twitter user @MovieViral posted a code during San Diego Comic-Con that, once deciphered, points to a bizarre audio clip promoting Arkham City on YouTube.

In the clip you can clearly hear Dr. Hugo Strange and Mayor Quincy Sharp discussing progress on Gotham City’s new prison district, Arkham City, with Strange having a very persuasive handle over Sharp. Then things get interesting when the Riddler chimes in over the microphone to have a little one on one with Strange. It appears as though the Riddler is the only one that actually knows Mayor Sharp is being manipulated by a higher power.

Give the audio file a listen for yourself.

Hopefully we can expect more of these interesting audio files as we near Batman: Arkham City’s October 18th release date.