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Our mega Comic-Con Cosplay gallery!

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Comic con cosplay

Attending the San Diego Comic-Con usually involves engaging in one of the following activities:

A) Standing in line for a presentation in Hall H or Ballroom 20.

B) Waiting in line at a booth for free stuff on the floor .

C) Walking around buying (gasp) Comics or other merch.

Meanwhile while all of this is going on there are thousands (really) of people wearing colorful, yet uncomfortable costumes based on their favorite entertainment characters. These people are called Cosplayers and we love checking out their costumes, which run the gamut from 'very cool' to 'hot tranny mess'. Below we have a collection of the more interesting Cosplayers from Comic-Con 2011.


Booster Gold and (lady) Blue Beetle

Comic Con Cosplay Booster Gold & Blue Beetle


Elizabeth – BioShock

Comic-Con Cosplay Elizabeth

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We have two of the biggest villains in Marvel in DC in our Comic-Con Cosplay gallery.


Dr. Doom

Comic-con Cosplay Dr. Doom



Comic-Con Cosplay - Darkseid


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On page three of our Comic-Con Cosplay gallery, we have Babydoll from Sucker Punch and Ash from Evil Dead and Army of Darkness.

Comic-Con Cosplay Sucker Punch


It's Red vs. Blue with these two Halo cosplayers.

Comic-con Cosplay - Halo

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On page 4 of our Comic-Con Cosplay Gallery we have some professional (aka models) Archer cosplayers and a gender bended version of the Justice League of America.


Lana Kane and Sterling Archer

Comic-con Cosplay - Archer


The Justice League of America

Comic-Con Cosplay - JLA


More photos on page 5 of our Comic-Con Cosplay gallery.

Deadpool and [insert the name of X-Men character here].

Comic-Con Cosplay - Deadpool


Captain Cold

Comic-Con Cosplay - Captain Cold


She Hulk

Comic-Con Cosplay - She-Hulk