Five MORE Fantasy Football Truths!

Celebrating the imminent return of the NFL.

James LeBeauby James LeBeau

Yet again we appear to be on the verge of the return of the NFL and with it comes the joy of fantasy football. Here are five more truths of FF that you should take into consideration before you embark on the new season.

Bye Weeks, Bye Weeks, Bye Weeks!
I've been doing fantasy football for years now, both online and live, and I can guarantee you that there is ALWAYS at least one person who, after the draft, discovers to his horror that he has a position he can't fill one week during the season because his starter and backup has the same bye week. That player is then forced to make a bad trade, do an add/drop, or just suck it up and play at a disadvantage that week.

None of those options are very appealing, trust me.
So, when you are compiling your information in preparation for your draft, highlight the bye weeks. When you are drafting and you pick a player, write down his bye week in bold. It'll save you a headache down the road and allow you to set up your team perfectly.

Don't underestimate the value of a good tight end.
One of the biggest changes to fantasy football over the past decade is the emergence of the tight end as a dominant offensive threat. With all the current rule changes gearing the game towards a more pass happy, high scoring league, tight ends are fast becoming more like an extra receiver than anything else. Going back to my favorite fantasy football site,, twelve tight ends are projected to score over 100 points this season, with the top four scoring 130 or more.

To put it into perspective, that's the equivalent of a number 2 receiver on most good fantasy teams.
With the depth at wide receiver, the almost top heaviness of the tight end position, as well as it's potential to contribute to a great season, I'd recommend targeting a top tight end after you get your number 1 receiver and after getting your starting quarterback and running backs.

Use up to date reference material!
This one may seem a bit obvious but anyone who's done this a while knows that sometimes you get a nube to fantasy football who either buys an outdated book or tries to use the same one 2 years straight. You can't do that, period, changes in the NFL are a fluid thing and you have to keep on top of everything if you want to succeed. In fact, with the easy access having internet can bring you, there is no excuse for drafting a guy who retired two seasons ago (I've seen it done). My advice is stay away from books on the shelves, their rankings are based on info months old. Find a nice site online that can help you out. There are some good ones out there like,  as well as the traditional ESPN and that can get you squared away.

Get used to conflicting emotions
The following is almost a given, if you are playing fantasy football, than more than likely you are a fan of the game. If that's the case, then you have a favorite team, and if that's the case, inevitably you are going to find yourself in a position where you have to root against someone from your team. Conflicting loyalties is the one drawback of fantasy football. You want to win your game but you also want your favorite team to win. Only the person you're playing is starting two guys from your team so you don't want them to have too good of a game, just enough so your team gets a win and the person you're playing gets a big L.

It's enough to cause a headache… I know.

It's just a game
This the most important truth you have to realize. Fantasy football is just a game. It isn't real and it isn't life. So, just remember to take some time to walk the dog, play with the kids, and talk to the wife. No sense ruining perfectly good relationships for the chance to win a week 2 game, that's ridiculous!

Now if it's a championship game, however…