Rhys Ifans Joins the Cast of ‘Bond 23’

We've got our new Moneypenny... Could the Amazing Spider-Man star be our new Q?

William Bibbianiby William Bibbiani

[UPDATE: No, apparently he's not.]

James Bond 23 – which we're secretly hoping is the real title, since with rare exception the James Bond titles don't mean much of anything anyway – is still ramping up production. Recently we heard that 28 Days Later star Naomie Harris had been cast as Moneypenny, M's personal assistant and James Bond's ongoing unwilling romantic foil (who had sat out the series since 2002's Die Another Day… another title which meant bugger all). Now we learn from the The Telegraph that Amazing Spider-Man star Rhys Ifans has been cast, in an unknown role.

Hmm.. A major British character actor, known for comedy, cast in a James Bond film, with the villain role already taken by Javier Bardem. Quizzical… Very q…


We've got nothing to go on here, and the whole thing could be little more than a cameo for the presumably small minority of diehard Enduring Love fans out there (the 2004 thriller which co-starred Ifans and Daniel Craig). But with Ifans' profile about to rise dramatically once he appears as The Lizard in Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man, and with Q yet to appear in the most recent reboot of the James Bond franchise, it stands to reason. It certainly holds up better than our "Javier Bardem is Moneypenny" theory…

CRAVE Online will never return with more James Bond 23 news. (Oh wait, we promised never to say that again.)