Review: Green Lantern #67

The War of the Green Lanterns comes to an awful end.  Wait, this was supposed to be good!  What the hell happened here?

Iann Robinsonby Iann Robinson

Green Lantern 67

I call bullshit!!

When I say that, I mean it with all my heart. I call bullshit on DC and what this ridiculous reboot is forcing writers to do. That’s the only reason I can figure that Geoff Johns, one of the most talented comic book writers of the last decade, would end War Of The Green Lanterns as miserably as he has. It defies all sense that this story, which has been so good thus far, would end with a giant crap. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not just the ending that pisses me off, though it is really stupid, the entire issue stinks to high heaven. I have very serious reservations that the original War Of The Green Lanterns ended this way. It makes more sense that Dan DiDio and Warner Brothers stood over Johns with a whip telling him he’d better write this ending or else.

Green Lantern #67 is the end of War Of The Green Lanterns, the final epic battle between the Lanterns and Krona, the former Guardian who has come back for revenge and managed to possess the Guardians with the physical manifestations of the energy that powers all the rings. The first crack in the armor here is how the Lanterns trapped in the Book Of Black are released. It’s not willpower, it’s not a cool rescue plan, it’s not even a trick or neat slight of hand. Nope, the trapped Lanterns are released because Kyle Rayner draws a picture.

I will repeat that

Kyle Rainer draws a picture of the trapped Lanterns on the Book Of Black and they burst out ready for action. My eyes had barely finished rolling when suddenly all the rings that were heading to the fingers of the released Lanterns were overridden and went to Krona. Now Krona has every damn ring plus the possessed Lanterns. He’s unstoppable right? Wrong. Apparently, when Sinestro gets so mad he brains Krona with a stick, some magical Green Lantern ring wakes up and connects to Sinestro, making him a Green Lantern again.


But wait it gets worse.

Krona, who has so far been able to possess the Guardians, take control of the minds of every single Green Lantern as well as capture the power sources of every ring, the Guardian who is now the wielder of every ring in the power spectrum, is killed when Hal and Sinestro shoot him with a combined laser beam. Yep, that’s it; apparently we just needed a really strong blast to kill the most powerful Guardian ever. It renders the entire battle with Krona a waste of time and money. Hit the guy with a stick and then a doubled up ring blast? It’s insulting.

You think things might turn upwards after that, but no, because now is when DC swoops down and tries to get us all ready for the big reboot. After being saved, freed and their mistake rectified, the Guardians snap a cork for no reason. They decide to leave Sinestro in the Green Lantern Corps, even though he’s wrought horrible destruction on them in the past. Then they decide that Hal Jordan is too much of a menace and fire him from the Green Lantern Corps, stripping Jordan of his ring.

This is a page right out of Civil War and Captain America, where a company completely re-writes how a major character acts just to suit some lame story arc. DC wanted something nutty to rope folks into the reboot and what better that Sinestro as a Green Lantern and Hal Jordan kicked out of the Corps? At the end of the comic, Jordan even says, “This isn’t how it’s supposed to end”. Why so coy? Why didn’t DC just have him say, “Pissed off by this bullshit ending? Don’t worry, it’ll all be worked out for the big reboot.”

None of what happened at the end of Green Lantern #67 would bug me if it made a lick of sense. Nobody involved acts anything like themselves in this one issue, and the Guardians freakout smells badly of pushing the plot for the reboot. It’s pathetic that after the greatness of Blackest Night and the massively entertaining War Of The Green Lanterns, that DC would allow such an ending just to drive their misguided reboot.


CRAVEONLINE RATING 2/10 (Only because Doug Mahnke’s art is still so wonderful)