Katamari Damacy Creator Takahashi Working on Casual MMO

Here's hoping it's whacky!

Joey Davidsonby Joey Davidson

Glitch MMO

A browser-based MMO inspired in part by the mind behind Katamari Damacy, Keita Takahashi? Yes. That's happening.

Though, to be fair, it's been happening since well before Takahashi got involved. Tiny Speck, a developer based in Vancouver, Canada has been working on their wondrously strange Facebook game, Glitch, for a while now. The game is currently in closed beta form, but is slated to launch this year.

They recently announced that they were welcoming Keita Takahashi to the team. Doing so in such a way that involved him packing his family up in Tokyo and moving them to Vancouver to be with Tiny Speck.

The Tiny Speck folks did up a post concerning working with heroes on their game's site to commemorate the news. From that post:

We know how hard it is to defy convention and make something entirely new. So we’ve always had tremendous respect for Keita’s work and we were sad for games when we read a few years ago that he was pulling back from the industry because it was all getting “a bit dull”.

A few months ago we were lucky enough to start talking to him. We played some Glitch together, batted ideas back and forth and found that we shared the same values — deep beliefs in curiosity, humor, absurdity, and above all a belief in the positive power of play.

It was like talking to an old friend and it did not take long before we decided that we had to work together. So, a little over a week ago Keita and his family packed up and moved from Tokyo to join the team at Tiny Speck in Vancouver.

Will this MMO come rife with the typical type of character Keita Takahashi can bring? If it does, sign me up. I don't care if it's a Facebook game.