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Take a trip with to the interwebs best comedy and video sites. It's Friday FailDay!

Sam Proofby Sam Proof

I’m staked out at my local café, perusing the normal sites looking for comedy gold. Sadly today has started off slow and seems to be coming up short all around.

Funny Or Die – Dear Woman VS Best Dog Ever

Funny or Die seems to have gone out their way today to show us, that you can pool together some of the greatest comedic talent in the great city of Los Angeles. But it doesn’t mean for a second it’ll be funny. Even with My Tim and Eric buddy Tim Heidecker on set they couldn’t use his proliferation for the awkward to punch this up. The video includes some amazing talent you may be familiar with, and you should over look this video to find their other work. Talen like : Jon Daly, Brett Gelman, and especially Alex Fernie have been wasted here (though they may in fact be the best bits it has).

However all’s not lost completely, ironically doing double duty on the FOD web site, UCB’s Sketch comed team ‘Mother Approved’ has made it to the front page with this video about Canine wife coveting and murder!


Funnier than both video, however, is this bizarre (and extremely well phrased) comment. Keep in mind the comment is on the Dog video…

Responsible for the comment is this the woman, LuAnn Smith ,who apparently herself is a great message to women…


UCB Comedy – Moms v. Pros: Mom Hips vs. Logger Legs


Over on UCB’s comedy site, another UCB sketch team has this video, that might be funny if you watched all the video that are a part of this series in a row. But on it’s own, it doesn’t really hold up, and it’s over before you can even decide if it was funny… and then you just don’t care.

I tried to find something funny on the only site with ‘Humor’ in the title, but after watching the first 4 videos they’ve got spotlight on their front page I gave up and started trying to imagine what Christina Hendricks would look like as Wonder Woman (other than, utterly Amazing)

This was the best I could come up with

Thank you internet, you really are the “if you can think it, it’s already been done” wonderland I’ve always wanted… now if only there was a mock up of Mila Kunis drinking a shake and giving me a hj… (please don’t google that, for your own safety.)

Atom Films – Happy Trails

And then over at Atom film… This –


I do like the part where the guy talked about cheese. Who doesn’t love cheese?! (I mean aside from LuAnn, who was probably offedid.)

Youtube – 30 Minutes or Less


However over on youtube the most viewed comedic video for the day is this one. Now it’s not a new Shane Dawson parody of Katy Perry, in drag. It’s not Spricket24 and her epic cleavage pwning n00bs with her verbal mommy delivery jokes. It is in fact a movie trailer. And sadly on this funny day, I’m glad to have it.

It’s a slow day for new comedy on the internet and I’m glad to have this brief moment with Aziz and Jessie to remind me that sometimes, just sometimes Hollywood actually backs the right project.

That’s the web today. If you want to see me Feature Friday picks check this out.

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