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Nash Herringtonby Nash Herrington

For years, we at CraveOnline have kept you amused at your computers.  Funny articles, hilarious podcasts and entertaining web-series are in no short supply on our Web site.  But finally we have the best offering yet.

Coming to you LIVE from Hollywood, California, CraveOnline Presents: Comedy at the Improv!

This Multi-Cam filmed show is going to be hot.

Not only will the show be headlined by The Greg Wilson and Eddie Ifft, both of which are national headliners, you will also have the chance to see a few of our very own CraveOnline comedians in action.

Nash Herrington(Balls, 2D-Batman at the Office, The Sports Cynic, and numerous red carpet engagements), Sax Carr(Comedy Editor) and Amy Liepold(Sales Planner and a number of guest appearances on Balls) will be performing at the top of the show, leading up to the two hilarious headliners.

Michael Quu, who runs comedy nights at all the top clubs in LA, will be hosting the event.

The best part is that even though the tickets for the show cost $14 at The Improv, we're offering our viewers the chance to snag FREE TICKETS!

All you have to do to get your tickets is E-mail:

Be sure to include your Full Name and how many tickets you would like!

Here's the info for the show:

CraveOnline Presents: Comedy at the Improv

June 30th  /  7:30pm

The Improv  /  8162 Melrose Avenue  /  Los Angeles, CA  /  90046

21 to enter  /  2 Drink Minimum (Can be non-alcoholic drinks)


Do not miss out on this kick-ass event!